Plugging in the new Blog

So here it is, my new fangled blog. It’s WordPress – mostly for simplicty / ease of use.  Oh sure I’ve played with more complex CMS/blogging software before like Drupal – but I hadn’t really played much with WordPress before, and wanted to give it a shot.  So far me like.

As I set up my blog, I’m deciding which WordPress plugins to use or not use.  Taking it slow, don’t want to overwhelm.  Right now the main goal is to connect this blog with the rest of my online persona (see top right of the blog).

My first choice was Sociable in order to allow people who visit to reference anything they find here of interest with their social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).  The interface for the settings for this plugin is great, you just pick which icons you want to show, and where in your blog you want to show them (pages, posts, etc.), and they show up.  You can change their order with ease.  You can theme it with CSS which is fantastic – it visually has a lot of fat in the CSS by default, very easy to trim down.  The creators of this plugin did a fantastic job with customization.  Worst icon choice: Print – not sure why it doesn’t use the browser’s print function.

I’ve also giving a shot too.  Not choosing the toolbar as I feel that’s a little invasive, but I also understand and respect the reasons for why it exists.  In theory this post should get shot to both Twitter and Facebook.  It might show up on Facebook twice.  If it does I’ll fix that tomorrow, and sorry for any confusion.

Edit: Looks like the thing didn’t work.  Will try to sort it out tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Plugging in the new Blog”

    1. @tperlmutter Just checked John’s site. We are both using the twentyten theme. Either he’s added an image rotator or he’s doing it manually.

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