Tag: design

  • Minor Changes

    Didn’t have time to do much here today, so I kept it small and focused. Changed tweet image name from twitter_16.png to tweet.png Realized I was missing the RSS feed link for the blog, so I created a new icon pair (for the social icons), and added it in.  This is a bit involved for […]

  • Recent Tweets CSS Makeover

    Played a bit with styles for the Recent Tweets widget from Twitter Tools.  I just wanted to give it some pizazz.  To do this I made the Tweets it shows look/behave somewhat like they do on on the Twitter home page.  First you’ll notice that I replaced the bullets with a smaller version of the […]

  • Blog Tweets… Yeah Yeah

    Well, I bailed on Su.pr fairly quickly.  It simply would not work, and I don’t have a high degree of tolerance for things that are not well documented.  Don’t get me wrong I have no beef with StumbleUpon – they are a great site.  I just think the Su.pr service requires better documentation.  That’s all. […]

  • Plugging in the new Blog

    So here it is, my new fangled blog. It’s WordPress – mostly for simplicty / ease of use.  Oh sure I’ve played with more complex CMS/blogging software before like Drupal – but I hadn’t really played much with WordPress before, and wanted to give it a shot.  So far me like. As I set up […]