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So part of what’s going on here is that my “grand plan”TM included moving from a few single site installs of WordPress to instead using WordPress MU.  This step is now officially complete.  It’s not that I’m hosting a lot of blogs here, but rather that I’m more the sort who prefers “one stop shopping” – especially for maintenance.  If there’s too many steps to a thing I’ll avoid doing it.

Moving a WordPress blog isn’t rocket science, but there are some considerations to be made.  And I recommend 3 precursor steps to any WP blog move:

  1. Use FTP to back up your WP Install.  This way you’ll pick up themes, plugins, and media that have been uploaded.
  2. Use something like phpMyAdmin to do an export of your Blog’s database.
  3. Use the WordPress “Export” function to export your blog data to an XML file.

Then assuming the old site is still active, and once you have the new site set up, you can just use the WordPress “Import” function to read everything back in.  When the old site is active all media will be copied into the new install.   I highly recommend that you install any themes and plugins that were in use before you do the “Import” – it’ll make life easier.

Now, what if you’re moving a domain along with the blog?

Well that is a sticky situation because the old site will not be available for the import – which means media will not be available for the import process.  This leaves you with two choices:

  1. Suck it up.  The old media is in your FTP backup.  So do the import, ignore all the errors because the media was not found, and then manually add the media back.  If you have no media – this is always the right choice.
  2. Stage the blog at an intermediary first.  Before shutting down the old site, import it into a temporary blog.  Shut down the old domain site, and then move the temporary blog (Export & Import) to it’s final resting place.

Last night, I was moving two blogs (one belonging to a friend, and the other belonging to a relative) along with their domains.  Because they were small and under-utilized, I went the suck it up route – there were only 3 media files to be found between the two blogs.

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