This blog is written and maintained by Todd Perlmutter of Orlando, Florida. While new to blogging, he has been on the Internet since its inception and its precursors. Experiences, interactions, information, learning, and gaming are all things that have always been a part of his online life.

During his time writing for the superhero fanfiction mailing list Superguy he used the “authorial” name Elmo the Media Child. His stories followed the adventures of Al Jones, Son of Satan and his friends and enemies including the Tailor Twins and the Bodaciously Buxom, Killer Kendo, Teenage Toadettes.

Online he also goes by his gamer tag of Circeus. Using this name, he has worked as a volunteer content provider and forum moderator for the WarCry Network for two MMOs: Asheron’s Call and City of Heroes. He has written several software tools for use with these games including the ever popular TweakCoH, and pioneered the concept of using computer pathing algoritms to determine the shortest path through teleportation portals. Many have said that Todd sometimes understands the games he plays better than their creators.  His Asheron’s Call Monster Guide was reviewed on an episode of the G4 television series Portal.

As an avid Lost fan, Todd took that passion to the web as one of the original content providers for the popular Lost site known as Lostpedia. And over the years he has regularly provided the Lost fan community with pictures of Lost props that have been displayed in the ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park in Disney World.

Disney has always been a part of Todd’s life, going back to his first trip to Disneyland when he was 3 years old.  On this trip he learned that both his mother and aunt were pregnant, and a few months later his brother and cousin were born one day apart.  Before moving to Florida he’d been to Disney World more than 30 times, including a visit to Epcot (then EPCOT Center) within its first month of operation – it has always been his favorite of the Disney World theme parks.  He even spent his senior year Spring Break in Disney World.

Then one fine summer day while exploring the newly burgeoning world of the internet Todd met Cheryl.  They got to chatting via email, and eventually set up their own first date – dinner and a movie. By winter Todd realized that she was the one and he proposed.  They celebrated their engagement in Disney World, and were married a few years later.  Soon after that they became Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members have never regretted it even once.  They do not keep it a secret.

In fact, Disney World was one of their key reasons to moving to Central Florida from Massachusetts.  And even though he now lives just a short drive away from the magic of Disney World, he’s still a card carrying DVC member (never leave home without it).  As the trips to Disney World came more often, counting them became less important as it transformed from a place to go into a place to be.

Since the advent of some of the first Disney online communities and podcasts, Todd has become involved with the many dedicated members of the Disney online community.   He finds that within this community, Disney becomes a sort of natural bond that draws people together in ways that otherwise might not happen.  To finally find so many people who, like himself and his wife, “get it” – Todd knew he’d found his “Happy Place“.

Todd has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and has additionally studied Cinema with a concentration in Screenwriting. His role as a Software Engineer has him primarily developing C++ and PHP.  He and his wife, Cheryl, live in the Orlando, Florida area with their dog Jasper and their cat Truly.  They regularly visit Walt Disney World.

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