So what are the “Flash Sideways” in Lost? (a theory)

Right now everyone is focused on only one part of what’s going on in Lost and it all revolves around the “Man in Black” (a.k.a. “Man in Locke”, “Milty”, “Black Smoke”, etc.).  They’re so caught up in what’s going on in this battle between Milty and Jacob, that they’ve forgotten about the other major mystery introduced in the final season of Lost.

Note up front, I’m not going to be spoiler free here about anything that has already shown on Television.  There will be no hidden text, and I will not hold back on things we know, now, today – based on the regular Lost United States programming schedule.  I will presume you have seen every episode to date at least once.  So read on at your own risk.

For the first few seasons of Lost we were provided back story for characters in the form of “Flashbacks”.  Little snippets of their past interspersed with the main story and often tied heavily to it so we could understand the motivations of the characters in their current predicament of being stranded on the Island.  These flashes presented a fantastic story telling mechanism, and one of the best selling points of the show overall at the time.

Thoughts at 5 days into C25K

First let me say, “Whew!”

I simply can’t believe I’m running.  I’m 41 years old, and while I’ve done a lot of walking (30-60 mins almost every day since 2004) and hiking in that time, I’ve done very little running.  Even when I played sports, I was defense and there was still little running.  However, this is the first time I’m sitting down and doing running for the sake of running.  Had you asked me if I’d be running a year ago, I’d have said, “No way!”  But here I am doing it.

Simply put, I’ve been inspired to do this back in January when I [p2p type=”slug” value=”cheering-adventures-at-the-disney-half-marathon” text=”watched friends run the Disney Half Marathon”], but I really didn’t realize it until more recently.  On that very neat, and very emotional day, I caught a bug, only it took a few months to settle in and take hold.

And with discussion, some coaxing, and a recommendation by my good friend Katie, I downloaded the C25K app for my iPhone. And here I am, running.

Goodbye, ExtraLife Radio, My Old Friend

This past Friday I feel like an era ended as Scott Johnson, creator of the ExtraLife webcomic, announced that the ExtraLife Radio podcast (ELR) would be shutting its doors.  Ordinarily, there’s not much cause to write about a podcast that was or has gone away (a.k.a. podfading), but that’s not what happened here.  The show was still, even in its more recent highly irregular schedule, as entertaining as it ever was.  However, I really felt the need to mention that this podcast was not just one of my all time favorites, it was one of the ones that carried me through so much change in my life.

In 2004, my wife and I moved from Massachusetts to Orlando, Florida.  A cross state move can be a harrowing, stressful, thing, and on top of that I’m a very obsessed individual who stresses constantly about everything especially change.  And with packing, moving, and all the things that came with it – including the 2004 hurricane season in Florida, I needed something to calm me down.  On top of that, I had decided that with my move that I wanted to start doing better by myself physically.  At this time I weighed close to 290 pounds. Lines: Consumption, Contribution, & Gaming

For those that don’t know, is the website for the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (*ding*).  “The Guide” is a favorite among travelers to Walt Disney World, and the Disney online community, especially fans of the WDW Today Podcast.  The greatest asset of the book and the site is the sheer amount of data that sits behind them.  This is not stagnant data taken years ago that is only somewhat correct, or worse, mostly incorrect.  Instead this is a very up to date set of data that is constantly being tweaked, finely tuned, and analyzed by their team to bring to us, the consumer, as accurate an experience as possible.

Cheering Adventures at the Disney Half Marathon

Recently Walt Disney World held it’s 2010 Marathon Weekend – a 4 day event consisting of Mickey’s Marathon Kids’ Fest, Disney Family Fun Run 5K, Half Marathon, Marathon, and Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge (Marathon + Half Marathon yields 3 medals).  I’d chosen not to attend as a runner, but rather to go and cheer on two of my newest Disney friends Katie (kidanikatie) and Ed (superedo) as they ran in the Half Marathon.  To do this I signed up to be a member of the ChEAR Squad which earned me some swag that I have [p2p type=”id” value=”212″ text=”previously posted about”].  And I just wanted to take some time to tell you about my adventures on the day of the 2009 Half Marathon.

Unboxing: Disney Marathon ChEAR Squad Swag Bag

Tomorrow I’m going to do something that I’ve never done before, and it sounds like a ton of crazy fun.  I’m going to go cheer on some friends who are running in the Disney Half Marathon: Katie (kidanikatie) and Ed (superedo).  It’s always nice to have a new Disney experience after close to 40 years of Disney in my life.  As such I signed up to be a part of the Disney Marathon ChEAR Squad.  This comes with a simple swag bag that I picked up last night at the Milk House at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.  And I just wanted to present for you a few shots I took of the swag.

But before I do, a little motivational announcement for Ed & Katie.  They’ve already seen this last night on Twitter, but here’s the shot of the message Cheryl and I wrote for them on the Marathon sign in board last night:

Movie Review: Avatar

[xrr rating=3.75/5]

For my last movie of 2009 I opted to see Avatar.  It is the latest in line of what are considered to be some of the best cinematic experiences of all time by Writer/Producer/Director James Cameron.  And Avatar succeeds in continuing that line.

It’s not because this movie has a great story, because it doesn’t.  No this story is one you’ve seen many times before.  It’s a comfortable story, one you know, one with few surprises.  And that’s because if this movie had a complex story that you actually had to focus on, you would not be able to appreciate the splendor and beauty of what you’re seeing before you on the screen.  And that is the entire point of this movie: eye candy.

It is very hard to accept that 90% of this movie is CGI.  Because there, before you, are the Na’vi, 9 foot tall blue creatures that look every bit as real as you or I.  They are amazing to behold, and not because of their scantily clad nature.  No it’s because the move and breath like no computer animation ever has on screen before.  But it’s not just them, it’s the world they live in, Pandora.

Movie Review: The Spy Next Door

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Jackie Chan's House
Jackie Chan's House

I have to be honest with you up front, I’m a huge Jackie Chan fan.  I’m not just talking the modern day “American” movie star Jackie Chan that has come about with movies like Rush HourAround the World in 80 Days, and The Tuxedo.  No, I’m talking about classic, pirate fighting, Project A Jackie Chan.  I’ve even included the picture on the left to show that I’ve whizzed past the man’s house at 30 mph on a Hollywood tour bus just to catch a glimpse.  And I confess all this to you because while the cinema student in me says that this movie was only 3 stars, my appreciation for all things Jackie Chan has required me to give it an extra half star – just on principle.

Goodbye Drupal; Hello WordPress

I’ve owned domains for a long time now.  My first domain comes from a time when there was only one domain registrar, and the yearly cost for a domain was more than three times what it is now.  For almost as long as I’ve had a site where software that I’ve written was readily available. In the pre-CMS days, I used to do all pages by hand, because that’s all we had – and we liked it.  Later, on a suggestion from Cheryl, I started using FrontPage – also known as “the land of an insane amount of garbage tags in your code“.

And then a friend introduced me to Drupal – he suggested we use it as the backbone for our City of Heroes supergroup website.  For those that don’t know, Drupal is a CMS that is both amazingly powerful and amazingly complex – sometimes too much for its own good.  So I set about learning Drupal, and getting our site up and running under it.  It went pretty well, and for the few years that we were active it served us well.

Movie Review: Disney’s The Princess and the Frog

[xrr rating=3.75/5]

This past Sunday I went with my wife Cheryl to go see Disney‘s new animated feature The Princess and the Frog.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  While I had seen the trailers for the movie, I really tried to stay mostly spoiler free.  After all, this was a big event for Disney as it marks a return to traditional 2D animation after a 5 year hiatus from it in favor of a more modern computer animated approach.  Personally I’m not one who’s particularly for one style of animation over the other, as I feel they both have a place in this world.  I’m also far more story oriented anyway.

For the most part I’ll try to keep this review spoiler free as I realize that with the holidays and the recent “Snurricane of ’09” that many might not have seen it yet.  For me, if it hadn’t have been for the WDW Today Podcast ’09 Reunion on the movie’s opening weekend, I probably would have seen it a week earlier than I did.