Thoughts at 5 days into C25K

First let me say, “Whew!” I simply can’t believe I’m running.  I’m 41 years old, and while I’ve done a lot of walking (30-60 mins almost every day since 2004) and hiking in that time, I’ve done very little running. … Continued

Goodbye, ExtraLife Radio, My Old Friend

This past Friday I feel like an era ended as Scott Johnson, creator of the ExtraLife webcomic, announced that the ExtraLife Radio podcast (ELR) would be shutting its doors.  Ordinarily, there’s not much cause to write about a podcast that … Continued

Movie Review: Avatar

[xrr rating=3.75/5] For my last movie of 2009 I opted to see Avatar.  It is the latest in line of what are considered to be some of the best cinematic experiences of all time by Writer/Producer/Director James Cameron.  And Avatar … Continued

Movie Review: The Spy Next Door

[xrr rating=3.5/5] I have to be honest with you up front, I’m a huge Jackie Chan fan.  I’m not just talking the modern day “American” movie star Jackie Chan that has come about with movies like Rush Hour, Around the World … Continued

Goodbye Drupal; Hello WordPress

I’ve owned domains for a long time now.  My first domain comes from a time when there was only one domain registrar, and the yearly cost for a domain was more than three times what it is now.  For … Continued